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Kitchen Story . Beyond Expectation

Why is our brand call “Kitchen Story”

It definitely sounds a lot friendlier, and easier to be remembered and pronounced. With fun and friendly characteristics, Founder-Nigel Keh has decided to venture into this kitchen carpentry and crafting business in the year of 2013.

As a norm in this industry, consumers often think that traditional carpenters are always hard to communicate and dealing with due to impatience and non-ability to infuse consumers ‘ preference of design into craftsmanship. Well, with younger-generation thoughts and design skills of kitchen story team members, we always stay tuned to current market trend and needs to make sure that we deliver masterpiece to our clients. Quality is No 1.

Why Kitchen Story?

Every carpenter tends to narrate and try to convince clients that they are the best in quality or design concepts. In fact, the first person to interact with client is not carpenter, but Interior Sales Designer.

Interior Sales Designer, as a bridge between clients and internal production, is tasked to translate requirement and preference from clients into masterpiece, by balancing carpentry limitation and clients ‘choice.

Inteior Sales Designers of Kitchen Story are unique and special, they are required to undergo thorough training on carpentry fabrication processes & material properties and selection for minimum 1 month before they can meet any prospects, when they first join. This is the standard of KS for newbies.

LEARNING is a continuous culture embedded in Kitchen Story.
Production: Each of production workers has to continuously register for courses or workshop for at least two times in a year, to keep abreast with latest advance technologies in wood processing. With that, they are exposed to best practices in production methods, latest machineries and accessories. Besides, we have “peer-learning and sharing” weekly, with that, each of them are competing for best ideas and methods for production improvement.

Designing: With digitalization and rapid change of software under designing, our in-house interior designers are bound to register courses at least twice a year for skill upgrading, not just designing skill but also adaption to latest software.

Quality Pledge
Quality assurance is the basics or backbone of KS. We never compromise quality for every of our masterpiece, from material selection, design till fabrication. We believe by delivery quality, our clients have a HOME, home with love and passion.

“Kitchen Story” as a medium to upmarket brand, from top management till each member of Kitchen Story, we hold each other accountable for all carried out works encompassing from quotation, designing till end-product fabrication.

To provide assurance and uphold standard, quality control is implemented in each of the sub processes of fabrication.

Our Mission

Customer satisfaction No 1 with Quality is our top priority in Kitchen Story Sdn.Bhd.
Serving with high dedication with individual personalization comes without saying
Overall, as stated in KS slogan “beyond expectations” – Kitchen Story exudes 120% commitment to deliver best in class OVERALL services

A collection of house we’ve renovated with passion






Our Team
  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Well-Trained professional in skillsets
  • Experience
  • Dedicated





















FAQ(frequent ask questions)

1. What exactly Kitchen Story doing? Just kitchen cabinet?

In Kitchen Story Sdn.Bhd. we are providing one stop solution renovation for both residential and commercial.

2. I have my own carpenter, can I just engage Kitchen Story to be our house Interior Designer(I.D)?

Yes, Kitchen Story is packed with experienced and awarded interior designers that will definitely fulfill your interior design concept needs.
We never force our client for engaging us for the works including plumbing service, wiring service and wet work service etc.

3. Does Kitchen Story provide warranty for its products?

Yes, we provide 12 months warranty for Accessories and Mechanisms only.
Service fee will be charged for the site visit.

4. How long will it take to complete a kitchen cabinet/entire house renovation?

Around 18 working days is the duration to complete a set of kitchen cabinet. It could take up to 45 working days for a bigger project that is included cabinetry for the entire house.

5. Is Kitchen Story a designer firm or it owns manufacturing factory?

Kitchen Story is a genuine direct factory company which owned manufacturing production floor and machinery that are being used to produce client’s cabinets.

6. What are the differences between own manufacturing factory and interior design firm?

Price and knowledge are the major factor to be considered for a client to choose between an interior design firm or a company like us. All our in-house interior designers communicate with our production supervisor every day by sharing thoughts and opinion. We urge our interior designer not just focusing on drawing but to understand the technical knowledge as well. Exceptional internal communication has always been Kitchen Story strength to achieve teamwork spirits.

7. What are the payment method does Kitchen Story accept?

For our client convenience, we accept cash, cheque, internet transfer, Visa&Master card, favepay, touch&go and grabpay.

8. What can I expect for after sales service from Kitchen Story?

We have our own after sales service mobile van to service our customer’s defects and complaint.  We treat after sale service as our concern as it can directly spoil our brand name from word of mouth.

9. What is the operating hour in Kitchen Story Sdn.Bhd.?

Our office/showroom open from 9am to 6pm every Monday to Saturday.
We strongly advise to make an appointment with one of our sales designer before dropping to avoid disappointment, as we get very busy sometimes to attend walk-in customers.

10. How to make an appointment with Kitchen Story?

You can contact us via phone calls 04-6262391 , email- welcome@kitchenstory.com.my or by our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/kitchenstorypenang

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